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Kathy Corey

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old orange vid
Chevy GM


Scroll this page to check out some of the hottest Cuda's on earth. These our our friends, our nemeses, our dreams, and sometimes reminders of how hard it is to keep our dreams alive.


Above is a photo of Bill Bityk's 'Cuda from a few years back. You can check out the video's on  You Tube, I will have the links up shortly.  Would you like to ride along with Bill? see the video below.

The "Old Timer" 

Old Timer short video clip 5/19/07

Here is the scoop on the "Old Timer" 
the engine is a .60 over 383 ci. The heads are ported and polished (via Old Timer) 906 with 
2.14 intake & 1.81 exhaust. It runs a 296/.550 solid lift cam, TRW pistons , m1 induction 750cfm/ 850cfm. The suspension consists of SS Springs, pinion snubber and rebound clips 5.13 gears with spool and Mosher axles. Paint and body work by "Old Timer" Here are some words from the owner himself.

    Rickey Jackson's two 'Cuda's

The Mongoose (red) and Mongoose II (purple)


This is the mongoose 2 hope you can post the pics its a 440 the one that use to run at Denton I have it now 2 stage of nitrous runs 5.20s, hope to tune it it up,  just trying to get use to it. Won 2nd place at the Dallas Autorama this year in the super gas class.   RICKEY

7/11/06 Rickey Jackson is having some fun this summer . Placing 3ed  in a 9"class @ Red Line Raceway --------

"Hey Kathy how u been we got 3rd Saturday night in the 9inch class at Red Line my best time was a 5.77 @124 got beat in the semis my light sucked got beat I ran a 5.80 to his 5.99 treed me real good oh well next time ill be up for it and yes Sam can put the scoop on for you is it fiberglass? " {Kathy}: Yes its fiberglass, hook me up and give Sam my e-mail}

from Ricky Jackson

The 1970 cuda is a 400 with a 440 crank B1 heads the motor is a 470 ci.and was built bye Kent (Bubba) Jackson. Soon to get a new paint job by Sam Fields. The cars weighs 3200 lbs. has 10.5 Ws it has a Dana rear with 410 gears ladder bars . The car has run 5.40 @ 130 mph we hope with the new 410 gears it will pick up and run some 20s or better Bubba puts a lot of work into it and i know it will go, as soon as we get the bugs worked out. Trans Pro and Scotts Tire really help us out. Trans pro helps with the power glide and Scotts tire keeps the front end up with the M/T 10.5 Ws. We are proud to be part of the Cuda web site come see us at the track Rickey and Bubba Jackson.

Thanks to Rickey for sending such awesome photos and information, we look forward to seeing you at the races, when and where. Let me know and i will get it posted.  Kathy


Billy Martone's  70 'Cuda 

I asked Billy for a little history  I know we have seen a few changes in the last couple years  but WOW! This car is an ever evolving powerplant and if you have not seen, heard or felt her shaking the ground, you are missing something. without further delay here is the story of Billy's ride.  

From: Billy Martone

The Barracuda was a G code car (318) . I purchased it from a friend in 1997. I changed the motor to a 360 and showed it @  the local car shows  and cruised to Sonic a time or 2. I couldn't stand it, I needed more speed!  So I changed the motor to a 440 Six pack (put nitrous on it ) I cloned the car as well. I took it to the '99 Mopar Nats in Columbus. I was Hooked on speed. I bought a 528ci wedge motor( with lots of heavy doses of NO2) from Indy cylinder head and stuck it in. I started dragging the car pretty regular. I met up with Fred Brewer in 2000.He sold me a set of his heads for the 528 and helped me alot with the nitrous. In 2001 I had the car "legal back-halfed" for Outlaw 10.5 racing by Brink's Racecraft in Irving, Texas. In 2002, I upgraded again, in 2003,calling upon Fred. He sold me his personal engine, a 588ci wedge with lots of nitrous 

 By the end of 2004, we decided that it was time to change yet again. This time we got in with Procharger, and put a centrifugal blower on the 588ci motor. We met a lot of interesting people and innovators putting time and energy into the 588 project. We made it to the track in mid 2005 with the "Project". We saw a lot of progress the first couple of "shake-downs" @ the track, but on July 8th, 2005, near tragedy struck. We were making another shake-down pass, and we experienced a very bad alcohol explosion. 

It split the cylinder heads, and almost burnt the car to the ground. I ,luckily, escaped with no injuries, but the car suffered severe loss. We had make some big changes and repairs. 

The motor was shot, so we decided on the " mutha" engine aka: Hemi for a power plant. 

The hemi was a 526ci Brad Anderson Headed hemi with the procharger. Trey Montgomery, Belton, Tx, fixed the body damage and repainted the car. The first shake down, not only scarred me, but shook everybody else up in the class. Not only was it fast, but it was a Hemi-cuda. Almost a year has past, and again we decided to change the motor. This time, it is the baddest of all alky burning hemis. 

It is a 526ci Brad head with a PSI screw blower (a funny car motor). We have only had a couple of shake downs so we will have to keep you updated.

My favorite tracks are Kennadale and HMP

Here is a link to Billy's race parts site

The Vassar Race Team

------------Here is a press release for you from this weekend-------------
17 yr old rookie Colton Vassar driving dads 70 Cuda worked his way thru a
very tough field to the finals at the Longhorn Natl's
Sat. Although the first big money victory was put on hold by bracket
superstar and former world champion Jeff Hefler who also won Fri & Sun.
Colton says he'll be at the Motorplex in August for the next DRR race (I'm
not so sure about that) Colton also made to the quarter finals on Sun. Older
brother Dustin also had a solid weekend making it to quarter finals Sat &
semi finals Sun in his 70 Duster.

Thanks for writing in Dad Vassar, I found the write up on DDR's website with  Colton's name  listed, too cool. Keep me up to date..

We race it every Sat at TXR But not much anywhere else cause they ( referring to his sons) are in points at TXR. We also have a 70 Duster my other son drives .The Cuda has all the gadgets--Delay box,T/stop,transbrake,air shifter etc But we have more fun racing it in NO/E The Cuda also has ladder bars coilover rear susp. Coilover front susp (gets rid of those @$^#% torsion bars) rack & pinion steering. Its all glass & metal except for the hood. 

Above: a note from Kathy, Could not help myself had to give this one the girl touch. Now that is one beautiful car, and in one of my favorite colors. I will probably hear about the lips from the owner and his sons, it's all in fun guys..

The reply: My youngest son Colton Vassar drives the Cuda. He has been off and on. 4 rounds last week 1 round this week. He is still somewhere in that long bracket racing learning curve. But the Cuda did its job! Was dead on the dial! My other son Dustin Vassar (see below) won N/E in his Duster. Pretty cool. Thanks for adding us to your web site looks great! even with the "chic" stuff lololol---But hey, when you race a pink car------------ 

In 2008 The Cuda' was hurt very bad in last years accident and was cut off at the firewall. The Duster is still running and now they have added an 82 Malibu wagon and 76 Camaro, I'm waiting for some photo's, however we have seen Colton's name listed already this year in magazines. 

Denton Dragway March 2006 

Old Orange "ride along at the races" video


Above: we borrowed the hood from the blue 'Cuda, think it was bad luck to do that. We broke that day.

These are some of my all time favorite cars and drivers, and some great memories.

These photos of Don  Little's Cuda  were taken a few years ago at  Woodburn Dragstrip in Oregon. Don was in last weeks issue of National Dragster " again"...

Note: Don it was a pleasure talking to you today and I would love to add some interesting information here about your experiences racing the Mighty Mopars. It would also be way cool if you could send me some photos of your new ride for this year, I know your not running the Cuda' anymore but this site is not going to be limited to photos of Cuda's. So please send me an e-mail  with some interesting highlights, and of course I will have to give you a call to make sure the e-mail is actually from you before anything gets posted. 3/22/06 Thanks Kathy 

Here is another one of my favorites, Pacific Paint from Seaside Oregon talk about a launch. always ran straight and true. 

Hey Don S. is that you standing there with the green cap on? sure looks like you.